Over the river and through the woods…

My Sentiment Exactly
This just about sums up the Atlanta-to-Naples run.
…to Grandma’s house we went.

As you know, Camp Granola wandered off to Florida to visit the grand-parental units. It wasn’t one of our typical vacations in which we go wandering about geocaching and camping. This one was all about the extended Camp Granola family. In other words, this trip was actually about the destination, not the journey which is why we blasted straight there and got the vivid reminder of how long Florida is. It’s a tedious drive to do all in one shot. Definitely not the best way to travel, but with school and employment obligations looming, we wanted to maximize our time there.

A little background info…

Jester and I are originally from the Miami/Homestead area. Yes, as cheesy as it is, we were high school sweethearts who spent our teenage years a few miles apart on the same road. But in the intervening years since we departed for college and migrated to Atlanta, his parents migrated as well. And that’s how we find ourselves in Naples for a couple of weeks each year.

Master Chef
Master Chef Gpa in action
Wet Pile of Cousins + Gma
Four Cousins and Gma

Typically we convalesce in Naples the whole time, but this particular trip had the added bonus of some time at the in-law’s newishly acquired rental house on Marco Island. So yeah, what for most people would be an expensive vacation, we got to freeload. (Shout out to the in-laws for their hospitality BTW!) Which means our week was filled with swimming, tubing, fishing, (oh! so! much!) eating, and a dolphin excursion. Oh, and a visit from the Coast Guard just to round out the fun. More on that later.

A Layover…

Before we galavanted off to Marco though, we did spend a couple of days at Gma and Gpa’s “real” house in Naples so we could visit with Jester’s sister and her crew. Fred and George never mind a visit to Gma’s since they adore their cousins and are still enamored with the novelty of a private pool. Throw in that you can swim year-round and that we give them almost unlimited pool time while we’re there and you’ve got happy kids. Having grown up in Florida, where pools in the backyard are the norm, we sometimes forget that it’s quite remarkable to our little minions.

Like with most families, dull moments are few and far between when all of us are in one place. It’s the typical chaos of family…playing, talking, silliness.

Dog Pile
Roughin' up the cousins.
Beagle Love
No trip would be complete without some furry love.

And, while I know it’s just a tease and possibly a little cruel since you don’t have the benefit of being able to check in at Gma’s B&B, the thing you should know about our Naples family is that they can cook like nobody’s business. I’m talking roll-your-eyes-into-the-back-of-your-head-while-moaning cooking. And yes, I came back from vacation with some extra poundage. I won’t torture you with pictures of the yumminess but only because I didn’t think to take any.

At any rate, I hope you’ll indulge my introduction to our Florida adventures with a few pictures of the kind of travel that’s about embracing the people and places you know rather than discovering the unknown.

Coming up on the Florida Adventures…

Tubing, fishing, the Coast Guard encounter, fun with dolphin, adventures in nature photography, the Martian houses, and hopefully a little product and restaurant review action.

And now for your moment of green…

Flying Frigate
Camp Granola is rusty on our South Florida biology but we did learn this is a Frigatebird.


  1. Yes, driving through Florida can be a chore if you’re just getting from Point A to Point B as fast as you can. But I hoped you stopped for some fresh squeezed Florida Orange Juice as some of the Visitors Centers! Such a quick and easy stop. Love turning such little things like that into family adventures.

    1. I’m afraid we were in lame-o mode and didn’t do the oj thing. It’s funny what you stop doing and seeing when you’re too familiar with a place. I will be tucking your reminder in my pocket for next time though. -V

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