Seeds of a Road Trip

So obviously I haven’t completed the tales of our last three months of adventures, but that’s because we’re so busy having them. That’s certainly a good thing. I figure I’ll catch up eventually and if I don’t…well, that just means we have our priorities straight and having a grand old time here.

Fred and George living large in the Okefenokee.

Just to give you an idea, here’s some of what we’ve been up to in the last few months, a few teaser shots…and a little insight into what my “in draft” box looks like.

Yep, that’s a big ole laundry list of posts that’s just getting bigger and bigger as we continue to explore. So yeah, we’ve been busy.

Getting to the point…

But our recent trips are actually not the point of today’s post. The point is that I’ve created a monster. That monster’s name is George. Yes, he’s a cute monster, but a monster nonetheless.

Before I explain the monster though, there’s a couple of things to know about Camp Granola.

  1. We like to geocache but we’ve been intermittent for various reasons. Since the inspiration of the Going Coastal event however, we’ve been streaking, currently at over 100 days.
  2. We’ve always offered the boys the option of birthday party or birthday trip.

OK, with that stage set, let’s move on.

The birthday trip…

Initially, George opted for a birthday trip and had picked Washington, D.C. as the destination. Very George, very doable, and all sorts of roadschooling awesome. I even had some great places picked out to visit thanks to my friends at All Over the Map. Great! Except that since Going Coastal, George has probably been more rabid than the rest of Camp Granola about streaking and just geocaching in general.

Fred and George took on a beach construction project on Tybee Island.

And this is where George morphed into geocaching monster. At some point, he discovered the epic string of geocaches along the “E.T. Highway” in Nevada…1,500 caches over a hundred-ish miles. End of story. End of D.C. Beginning of cross-country road-trip.

Well, you know we’re always up for an adventure so of course we’re on board with George’s dream of caching the E.T. Highway and every state in between. His excitement is contagious but let me assure you George is not just along for the ride. He has taken to planning our route, places to stop, and geocaches to grab. Watching him construct and manipulate the plan when I present limitations and considerations is downright awesome. The almost-nine-year-old has some mad planning skills. He does his mom proud.

Packing up Blubaru…

So in a couple of weeks we’ll be loading up Blubaru once again. Four people, the intrepid geobeagle, camping gear, thousands of miles, (if all goes well) hundreds of geocaches, and whatever else we can get into on the way.

Oddly enough, packing for this 16-day trip is not terribly different from the recent 5-day trips we’ve taken. In fact, it won’t be much different at all. Just a little more clothing and gear since we’ll have Jester with us this time. That will make things just a touch snug in our beloved Foz (that’s a Forester for you non-Subaru folks) but it does make us carefully consider what we pack. One of these days I’ll get around to detailing our gear and packing system for you guys…if only to satisfy the morbid curiosity of those who can’t imagine how we work it.

A dose of history in Plains, GA.

Slight variations…

What will be unlike our usual trips is that we will be opting for a few nights in some dog-friendly hotels in order to get to our destination in a reasonable amount of time. Jester only has so many vacay days and having to stop each night in time to set up camp will simply take more time than we’ve got.

Plus, Jester needs to be in Austin for a few days for work purposes so we have that time constraint as well. So we’ll be saving the camping portion for when we’re actually in Nevada, California, and Utah. And just to shamelessly toot my own horn, I am quite pleased with myself for figuring out how to turn Jester’s work trip into George’s birthday trip. I mean, Austin is mostly on the way to Vegas right?

Taking our intrepid Blubaru on her longest trip yet.

What will (hopefully) be different…

Here’s where this is all relevant to you, my dear readers… I’m going to try to stop being so delinquent in my accounts of our roadschooling, crazy adventures and keep you up-to-date via Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. No insane documentation mind you, we actually want quality travel time, but I’m going to venture a bit more into real-time sharing and take you along for the adventure…triumphs and foibles alike. This will be a total experiment that may not end well mind you, but I’m going to have a go.

So be sure to follow Val in Real Life on your favorite social medium come March 22nd and get a glimpse of life on the road for a roadschooling family. In the meantime, we’ll be planning away here at Camp Granola. Feel free to follow my Pinterest board for the trip because now is the time to make some suggestions for things to see and do between Atlanta and Vegas-ish via Austin. So help me turn this seed of a roadtrip into a full-blown blooming expedition…what’s not to miss?

And now for your moment of green…

Camp Granola is trading southern mountain views for desert vistas...if only for a couple of weeks.


  1. I can relate! Sometimes you just do not have time to get on and blog about your life, when your just so busy living it! 😉
    Btw~> beautiful sunset 🙂

    Keri~ A roadschooling mom of 2, who loves how Vocabulary Games are helping to Build Vocabulary in a Fun way!

    1. Thanks Keri. Yep, glad we’re having so much fun I don’t have time to cover it all. – V

  2. Sounds great Val! I hope you’ll have an internet connection for all that time on the road. Will be great to follow along!!

    1. Thank you love! Internet will be spotty, I’m just going to have to be creative.

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