Geowoodstock to TBEX: Where in the world is Val in Real Life?

Oh I bet you thought we fell off the map but you’re not rid of us that easily. Amidst chronicling George’s Birthday Adventure for you, we got epically busy preparing the Suburban Golf Course Hell house for market. With a crushing (and I do mean crushing…so very soul-crushing) amount of work on the house and getting ready for our Geowoodstock to TBEX expedition, it has been very, very real around Camp Granola.

Geowoodstock X = brain-melting hot in Indiana

The good news…

But we are back on the road so all is well. We’re on a 5-week mission/roadtrip to stay away from home so we don’t have to scramble every time we have a showing. Ok, we just really like to explore but the timing is nice. Ok, ok, I planned it this way but it still works out well. Ok, ok, ok…it took a lot of planning and logistics but it’s still a lot of fun now that we’re on the road.

George claiming our first international cache.

At this point we’ve already been through Geowoodstock, blasted into Canada for geocaches, and we’re now chilling at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin. Remaining on the docket this trip:

Embrace your inner flaneur…

At any rate, while getting posts out is tough on the road, this is your little reminder that there are other fabulous venues to follow Camp Granola. If you’d like to be a virtual flaneur in fairly close to real-time, you can get a dose of Val on:

See you on the road!

And now for your moment of green…

My office view at Devil's Lake State Park.