Considering Vigor

Here at Val in Real Life HQ, we’re currently studying the early scientists and thinkers that paved the way of the world. One of the key ingredients to the spread of their ideas was travel. When their ideas were shared across distant lands, other great thinkers then had the opportunity to expand on them. This is how our society has grown but it also has implications for us as individuals.

Today travel is so often thought of as a luxury but I very much beg to differ. Not only for the purposes of experiential education but also for the infinite possibilities it opens in your mind. New foods, new smells, new people, new languages, new landscapes….when you see all that is possible, your mind is ignited.

Experiencing different cultures and places helps you see the familiar things of our lives in a new light. The flipside is that when we fail to encounter anything new in our lives, everything becomes ordinary and we skate through our days on autopilot. When the details around us becomes ordinary, they become invisible. Then life is stale. So I give you this…

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. – Seneca

theodore roosevelt national park - val in real life
Fred and George exploring new territory in North Dakota with all the vigor of youth.