Memories of Trees

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So the good folks over at Boots N All have been issuing weekly Indie travel Challenges all year. For all of my good intentions, I’ve yet to get a post submitted…until now.

Last week’s challenge was to simply to pick five travel photos to share. As you can see in the challenge post, the author chose images from some obviously amazing journeys. So of course this challenge did it’s job because it got me thinking about my travels, what remains most vivid in my memories of them, and consequently about what I tend to capture in images of those travels.

My travel style is heavily skewed towards the outdoors and nature. I like urban and historical destinations as well but exploring the natural world is what excites me most. So with that, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite travel trees. That’s right…trees. Just last week I shared my efforts in capturing my most recent arboreal muse in Theodore Roosevelt National Park but that was not an isolated incident. Trees are very much a theme in all of my travels.

It was quite tough to narrow it down to just five and I realized after choosing them that they are all from U.S. National Parks…another theme in my travels. At any rate, these trees represent the resonating memories I have of these places and they are what I see in my mind’s eye when I first recall the journeys.

This lovely sillhouette was the result of an early morning foray to Foothills Parkway in the Great Smoky Mountains with a photography workshop. For me, this image is the icon of that trip I took almost a year ago and it still brings a rush of all the smells, feelings, and sounds.
While I didn’t do this tree justice in terms of capturing it’s commanding presence along the Pa’rus Trail in Utah’s Zion National Park, it took my breath away when I first saw it.
My beautiful muse from Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.
Visiting this Cades Cove tree time and time again is like the comfort of an old friend.
Clearly I don’t even need a tree to be alive to be fascinated by it. This was captured at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. Bear with me, I’m still figuring out this whole infrared post-processing thing!

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And now for your moment of green…

I have to give this Grand Canyon image an honorable mention. It isn’t a fabulous shot of course but it reminds me of my beginnings in photography and that trees have been an integral part of my travels for a very long time.