Postcards from Real Life: Curiosity

I’m back to Tremont today for the next installment towards my Southern Appalachian Naturalist Certification. A short weekend full of study that will not satisfy my curiosity but fuel it further because there is no end to what can be discovered in the Smokies.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. ~ Walt Disney

From canopy to the forest floor, curiosities abound in the Smokies. Wishing you a weekend full of discovery…


  1. p.s. In case you’re super confused, apparently when I comment on here it uses an old defunct personality I made up for a blog called Yesterhair. I was going to obsess over historical hairstyles through the made-up persona of Maude Harletan. It really was quite funny. But I abandoned the blog after awhile. 🙂
    Here’s the blog, just for kicks:

    1. I will take a look. Knowing you, I’m sure it’s a hoot!

  2. Hi Val! I FINALLY checked out your blog! It was a great class this weekend. Beautiful picture! Wish I could just stay in the Smokies for the next two months…
    Hope you got home safely,

    1. Yes, much fun exploring with everyone! Hope you’ll be in Mammals class next month… 🙂

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