A very Happy New Year to you all!

On a whim, the first day of the year has marked a first here… a video. So please excuse the amateurishness (is that a word?) of my basic first attempt and accept my wishes for an exciting and adventurous 2013 in the form of Disapproving Beagle love.


New Year 2013 a video by valinreallife on Flickr.


  1. Val, I am not a dog person… Nor cat, bird, hamster, snake, etc. BUT if I EVER had a dog, it WOULD be a beagle. Beagles rock!!! Have a great 2013 and I look fwd to running into you in GA, TBEX, or somewhere else!

    1. Gotta say he’s a great pooch and quite a character. Makes travel tough but his boys love him! Best wishes to you this year as well. I’m planning on TBEX so I’ll see you there if we don’t catch up sooner. Cheers! -V

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