Postcards from Real Life: Anticipation

I’ve confessed to not being very snow-savvy before but I’ve definitely acclimated to the cooler winter climate of North Georgia. I’ve also fully embraced a love of winter in terms of it’s stark beauty. I know many people find it dismal and dreary but I challenge those folks to take another look at winter. Even on cold days, the sun shines at a time when you can truly appreciate it’s warmth. Winter is the time to marvel at the bare trees and plants with their wonderful, intricate structure you can truly observe in the absence of spring blooms, lush summer greens, or the tawny leaves of autumn.

So obviously I love what winter has to offer but I do have to say I did find myself looking at the buds waiting to bloom this spring in anticipation. Admittedly I’m fresh off the Winter Woody ID class at Tremont and all my new-found knowledge has certainly opened my eyes to the hints winter plants are giving us of what’s to come.

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

A surprise discovery while inspecting the secrets of bare trees, the assassin bugs are preparing for spring as well…