Shameless Self-Promotion…

Two things are upon us my friends… and they’re both about the fabulous Great Smoky Institute at Tremont. This week marks the beginning of their annual photo contest as well as the time for you to sign up for the Spring Workshop. Of course, I’ve only reminded you after I made sure my spot is secure. 😀

As for the contest, this year’s theme is Light in the Smokies and the it’s being judged by none other than the great Tom Vadnais but you can be a part of the fun too. A Facebook favorite will be selected based upon the number of “likes” each image receives. My fellow Tremont Junkie Dan Thompson won the Facebook contest last year so I’m relieved to see he didn’t submit any this year. But Tremont Junkie Sue Milinkovich did and her images are wonderful as are many of the other photographer’s images. I would lament my low position in the field of entries except I love the challenge that this contest represents and the push it gives me to better my own work.

At any rate, below are my submissions to the contest… now go VOTE for me on Facebook! You only have until March 8th  at 8:30 am so get on it friends…

Then go check out the Spring Workshop details over at their site or read my posts about Tremont’s workshops:

Icy Sentinels: A frozen line of trees on a frosty Cades Cove morning
Frozen in Sunlight: a sunrise in Cades Cove after a frost
A Peek into Yesterday: The Carter-Shields cabin in Cades Cove.
After a Summer Rain: Watching fog roll through Cades Cove after a summer storm.
Maple Skylight: One of my favorite images from last year’s Autumn Brilliance workshop.

And one last time… don’t forget to VOTE for me on Facebook and check out the Spring Workshop with Bill Lea!

And now for your moment of green…

Happy spring! I didn’t submit this image for the contest but it is one I took at last year’s Spring Photography Workshop with Bill Lea. Come join in the fun!