…and then Fred became a teenager.

That’s it folks, as of today I’m the mom of a teenager. Today is Fred’s thirteenth birthday.

He was born on Mother’s Day… late, just like his brother. 😉 But he’s filled with sweetness, a sarcastic sense of humor, and a creative mind that never ceases to amaze me. From being toted through the woods in a backpack to outgrowing his mom, we’ve covered lots of ground together both literally and figuratively.

As is the developmental process of the brain, now that he’s a teenager, his desire for independence is epic. So as we set off into the teen years my hope is that my efforts to raise a curious, open-minded, adventurous person has set in enough to stick with him. Let’s see what happens! I can guarantee you this ride won’t be boring…

Happy birthday Fred… keep living large buddy!


  1. Happy Birthday Jamie!

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