Overland Expo to TBEX and beyond…

Tomorrow begins Camp Granola’s Overland Expo to TBEX expedition. The plan for this trip has undergone many changes since its inception. In fact, I think I’m well beyond Plan Z at this point with the number of changes and tweaks that have been made as it has evolved.

Thinking back to last year’s Geowoodstock and TBEX expedition, our plans did vary quite a bit even once we hit the road which isn’t surprising. Journeys of this length can’t help but take on a life of their own. And since this expedition will be even longer and more complicated, I thought it would be a fine time for a little Camp Granola experiment to see how close we stay to the actual plan as it stands the evening before we depart, which is as follows…

We’re once again putting Blubaru’s moxie to the test…

Stage 1…

This stage is what I think of as the “sanity-tester” based on the sheer… insanity of it. It’s on the order of 5,000 miles, crossing through 18 states over the course of 16 days.

This year’s TBEX event in Toronto will be very urban compared to the outdoorsy grooviness of Keystone last year…

  • To Flagstaff: Two days hard drive to get to the Overland Expo. I don’t enjoy being that pressed for time but I couldn’t give myself more room here because of Fred’s birthday.
  • Overland Expo: I’ll be attending solo while Fred and George are in San Francisco at Maker Faire.
  • Los Angeles: After Overland, I’ll head all the way to the west coast to pick up Fred and George.
  • Fluff Time: I’ve built in some squishy time to allow us to get from LA to Great Sand Dunes but still explore with some level of whimsy.
  • Great Sand Dunes: I can’t possibly get this close to the Dunes and not go…
  • To Toronto: Yes, that’s right! TBEX is in Toronto this year so I’ll be hauling our road-tripping selves all the way back east over the course of another two days(ish) hard drive.
  • TBEX: We’ll spend 3-4 days in Toronto for the conference.

Stage 2…

So if I haven’t gone completely bonkers by the end of TBEX, this is when we’ll get to slow down and run things much more Camp Granola-style since this is the stage that’s not set in stone as far as time-frame. We’ll spend the next four weeks exploring the Northeast and we’ve got a laundry list of places we’ll be visiting. Obviously there are some big gaps in there and it’s not terribly specific in many cases… that’s where the free-wheeling Camp Granola exploration comes in:

One big difference this go-round… no Disapproving Beagle along for the ride. We’ll miss our little mascot but we’ll be much more able to travel freely without the limitations of having a pup in tow.

  • Franconia Notch State Park, NH
  • Screw Auger Falls, ME
  • Baxter State Park, ME
  • Schoodic Peninsula, ME
  • Acadia National Park, ME
  • Fundy National Park
  • Boston, MA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Washington, DC
  • Kill Devil Hills, NC

Along the way…

Over the course of this lengthy journey, we will again be embracing the “No State Left Behind” policy for geocaching purposes. As a result, we’ll also be jumping back into Canada at times to get smileys in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

Keeping up with Camp Granola…

Hope you enjoy following along… both on the intended path as well as our departures from it. Let’s see what happens!

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And now for your moment of green…

Let’s see what magic happens this time around…

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