Postcards from Real Life: Overland Expo

This week’s postcard is actually a postcard. I’m currently at Overland Expo in Arizona, learning about all sorts of crazy off-roading experiences. For naturalist granola-girl here, it’s quite out of my area but I was curious to see more what it’s about.

So far it’s been interesting to see a very different approach to outdoor fun. I’ll probably never be a convert to horse-powered backcountry exploration but there have been plenty of things I’ve seen that apply to my type of fun and I’ve met lots of great people in the process.

If you’re following along on my Overland Expo to TBEX adventure, I’m posting to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter regularly but I’ve also got a Flickr set for the trip going as well.

I’m going to leave it at that for today. Arizona winds are notorious and they’re not making posting from the road an easy task! Stay tuned…

A sea of overland enthusiasts.


  1. My cousins are rock “crawlers” out in Moab & Zion area of UT. Too much of a prolonged, drawn out thrill for me. I kinda like the idea of motoring across the deserts though.

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