Postcards from Real Life: Connections

After nine days and over 3,000 miles, the Overland Expo to TBEX expedition has been a whirlwind adventure so far. Aside from many days of driving, I’ve spent three days at Overland Expo, three days with friends in California, stepped into the Pacific Ocean for the first time, took my first studio yoga class (Ouch! BTW), and nabbed my westernmost geocaching find.

While the pace has been fast and furious, operating on the fly is invigorating. It’s also something I’ve discovered I do well. My theory is that it has everything to do with not having expectations… just letting life happen as you travel. It not only opens you up to new experiences you might have avoided or overlooked but it has helped me find new solutions to older traveling dilemmas and glitches.

In the big picture, this journey in particular has been about connections so far… reconnecting with the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants aspect of myself, reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in many years, reconnecting with Fred and George after their week-long adventure in San Francisco, and building new connections with virtual friends I’ve gotten to know but had never met in person.

More on the details of the adventures are to come of course but the pace is still hectic and may be for a bit. Next stops include Petrified Forest National Park, Taos (NM), and Great Sand Dunes before we boogie back east to Toronto for TBEX.

So I leave you with this brief update for now because even on the road, laundry duty calls and I must get back to it… Cheers friends!

Feeling the Pacific Ocean was a first for Fred and George too…

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