Postcards from Real Life: Get Out the Map

Today’s postcard was supposed to be about slowing down and exploring as the wind blows us… getting out the map and moving from place to place dictated only by whimsy. Since we’re now firmly in Stage 2 of the Overland Expo to TBEX expedition, the stage that was supposed to be about free-form journey, we should be traveling loosely by the map.

But it seems our journey is going to be dictated by circumstances for a bit and “getting out the map” has changed meaning for us. Instead of viewing the map as a treasure trove of possibilities, we’re returning to the old-fashioned map as our means of navigation. A mishap yesterday in Franconia Notch State Park (NH) has resulted in the untimely death of my iPhone and thus, my GPS. So we’re going old-school to plot our detour to the nearest Apple store. Mind you, we’ve already had significant detours due to our tent fiasco, so this is hardly the first hiccup of the trip.

This particular detour is taking us to southern Maine and means we’ll be dropping a couple of more northerly Maine destinations off the wish list. Hopefully we’ll still be able to make it to the next place on the list, Fundy National Park in Nova Scotia but we’ll just see how things roll tomorrow. Flexibility is going to be key in keeping this journey fun.

At any rate, the title for this post comes from one of my favorite songs. We all have our favorite road music of course, and awhile back, Fred declared that the Indigo Girls “Get Out the Map” should be my theme song, especially when we’re on the road. If you’re not familiar with the song, I hope you’ll go check it out (it’s on the Shaming of the Sun album & here’s an Amazon link) and that it will inspire you to get out the map, go exploring, and weather all of the bumps life throws at you on the road.


Of course I’ll detail the soggy iPhone story later but for now I’m happy to have found a Dunkin Donuts with free wifi…