Postcards from Real Life: Summer Solstice

Greetings from Camp Granola on Day 38 of our Overland Expo to TBEX adventure. As you know it’s been a wild ride and since my last quick update we’ve covered quite a bit of ground through the northeast including stops in Boston, Rhode Island, and Philadelphia. The ride hasn’t been quite as bumpy in this last stretch although we’ve had our moments, including getting rear-ended (but no damage) and Fred busting his lip open (fortunately I’m handy with a first aid kit). The good news is that the weather has relented and we’re no longer sopping wet. Warm and dry makes for much easier exploring!

So with many northerly adventures behind us, we arrived at our Maryland campsite last night to the dancing lights of the fireflies. I have to say it was a poetic welcome after the frenetic urban travel we’ve undertaken in the last ten days and it set the stage for a mellow summer solstice today… and inspired a quick little haiku by yours truly. 🙂

Fireflies dance at dusk
Soothing weary travelers
Nature’s sweet tonic

We hope you’re getting out to explore this weekend with many long daylight hours ahead to discover something that surprises and delights you.

Wishing you a groovy summer solstice…

A groovy surprise from earlier in the trip…