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So it’s been quite awhile since I’ve inducted anyone to Real Life Connections crew, mainly due to being supremely busy but definitely not for lack of cool, influential people who keep me motivated.

Today’s group includes some of the regular ATQA Twitter chatters I got to meet in person at Overland Expo this year. This isn’t the entire compliment of the habitual ATQA-ers I’ve mentioned before but it’s a good start so we’ll call this ATQA Round One.

The whole purpose of this category on the blog is that I believe in surrounding yourself with energetic people who spark your passions and I have to hand it to these folks for keeping me on my toes. They’re interesting, inspiring, and all-around great people and I’m thrilled to count them among friends. We’ve chatted each week for well over a year now and their insight is invaluable to me. Each of these folks has a very different approach to travel and the outdoors and I find myself incorporating their input into my own arsenal of outdoor insanity in many ways.

The reason I share these folks with you is that if you’re in need of adventure inspiration, they’re are worth checking out… and far be it from me to keep them all to myself. 🙂

So here are the links to their blogs and Twitter feeds. Go check them out:

Mad love to the ATQA crew. And if you want to see what all the fuss is about, join the ATQA Twitter chat Wednesdays at 5pm EST. We discuss all manner of outdoor adventure topics and frequently beer, bacon, and tacos as well. Come join in!

Just a few of the groovy ATQA crew: J. Brandon (American Sahara), Dave Creech (Wilderness Dave), Nancy & Lou Patterson (Only Dirt Roads), and Astrid & Anthony Sicola (Overland Nomads)… Cheers! (or in the case of J. and Dave… Up Yers!)

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