Here at Camp Granola, Monday marks the the official beginning of a new school year. It’s not a huge landmark for us like so many other families sending their spring-offs back to new teachers, new classmates, decked out in new clothes and with new school supplies bulging out of new backpacks. Our “new” year is much more subtle. We’ll shake things up somewhat with new classes at our homeschool group, a couple of new curriculum items, and exploring some new places but by-and-large we don’t have the surge of “new” to contend with.

But that’s also dangerous…. with nothing remarkable to spark excitement it’s far too easy to fall into the doldrums. Even as exciting as most people consider our roadschooling life, anything can become normal if you’re not careful.

So as Monday approaches, it’s my job to make sure there’s enough change to grab Fred and George’s attention. That’s a tall order when you have kids who have done everything they have! But I’m thrilled to have the chance to fill their minds and their hearts with the world around us. When I get fatigued from the effort I simply have to remind myself of the moments, the ones where they “get” it… like in Quincy, MA at the tomb of John Adams where Fred was quite touched by being in the presence of a remarkable leader.

Fred doesn’t gush about things (he is 13 after all) so I have to watch for the little signals and comments that let me know when something resonates with him. Our time in Quincy definitely hit the mark when the the study of history and a real-life experience collided and left an impact. Those are the golden moments.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~Aristotle

A complicated, flawed person (as are we all…) but still one well-worthy of the admiration of a young man.