Postcards from Real Life: Cabin Fever

Ok, it’s time to get outside. I’ve been plugging away at the new Val in Real Life HQ and I’m cooked. Painting, shopping, assembling furniture, sorting through boxes… all while juggling the return to the homeschool activities has me feeling quite detached from what invigorates me. For an outdoors person it’s hard to take all this on without a break yet at the same time I need to get it done… so I can be done. But as I fell asleep last night with the windows open at the first hint of autumn, the sounds of the crickets chirping made me ache for my tent.

As far as HQ goes, I’m now at the tipping point where I’ve put in countless hours yet it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten anywhere which means some serious Vitamin N is in order. Unfortunately the calendar is filled with other things at the moment so how to put a bandaid on the situation until I get back in the tent in three weeks for some Great Smoky Mountains therapy with my boys?

My sanity prescription is more trail runs (instead of street and deadmill) which go hand-in-hand with my Tough Mudder training (so that’s a win-win). Getting out for more local exploration is in order as well even if it means foregoing a bit of domestic progress to make that happen. Some little diversions will hopefully do the trick to renew our progress at home and tide us over until we can get some lengthier adventure time in a few weeks from now.

So while I do need to remain focused on the end goal of getting HQ comfortable, I need to get more outside time before I go batty. As another remedy, I’ll be looking at calendar to see what’s coming up and realize groovy outdoor fun is not that far off. And I’ll be looking through images of past adventures to soothe my soul and remind myself that this is a temporary blip I need to ride out.

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. ~Thomas Merton

How do you find balance when the demands of life throw the scales off-kilter?

Time to balance domestic bliss with outdoor bliss…