When folks ask me why I travel so much, I often quip that it’s because home is a four-letter-word. It’s one of those half-joke, half-truths. I do really dig my little loft now but my time in the wrong places cemented the half-truth of my little joke.

The difference now is that I found a place that is comforting but not consuming. Don’t worry, I’m not going to settle down into domestic bliss… that’s not my style. But it does mean I don’t lament coming home quite as much as I used to.

What has spurred this line of thought today? This interesting little musing on home over at Fevered Mutterings.

…they need to be finite. I’m only there for so long, so my time there is precious. – Mike Sowden

Granted, what he’s talking about is the more discrete notion of endings but I think it applies even to places we plan to occupy for a long time. Because even in that case you have to make sure your time there is finite and precious. (This is a truly excellent piece and a must-click BTW… Endings by Mike Sowden)

My curiosity for the world will always reign supreme. Now though, in the right place to call home, going away is what makes it precious when I’m here… but home is still a four-letter word.


So this week my groovy ATQA friends had a Twitter chat about home in honor of The Morning Fresh winding down her epic journey this year. I’d like to congratulate her on an adventure well done and wish her the wisdom to embrace the beauty of endings. Welcome home Darlin’!

Leaving helps me appreciate the beauty of home.