Real Life Connections: An Epic Adventurer

Those of you who follow my antics on Facebook and Instagram know that last month I had the pleasure of meeting David Wherry of Hiker Adventures. David made a quick visit to Atlanta and wanted to get in some trail time. Unfortunately, he decided to visit during the infamous Polar Vortex and it was about 100 degrees below ridiculous here. Well, maybe it was actually closer to about 25 degrees but once you can’t feel your toes, why bother counting?

The Disapproving Beagle doesn’t approve of much but eventually decided Dave was pretty good at neck rubs

So while I nearly froze various body parts off, David was basking in the relatively balmy weather, having come from Minnesota where it really was something like 25 below the night before… and he had camped out in his back yard. You know, just for fun. Dude is truly crazy, which means all kinds of awesome, of course.

And what makes him even cooler is that he’s put together a fund-raising team to help his niece who has Cystic Fibrosis. Yep, this is the same dude I mentioned back on my birthday who’s going to climb the IDS tower in Minneapolis on February 8th to help his baby niece. (Go Team Briley!)

Anyway, I’ve been remiss in officially inducting him (and, by association, his wife Brenda who supports his crazy adventures!) to my Real Life Connections. Welcome David and Brenda, you’re my kind of nuts!

David Wherry may An Epic Adventurer but I was able to still able to add to his list of things he hadn’t seen before, the lovely sewer pipe along Big Creek in the Vickery Creek unit of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area. It’s always good times when you visit Val in Real Life HQ… and you get a groovy Val-knitted ATQA hat.


  1. […] I had not yet met Val when she used the occasion of her birthday to write about Briley. I finally met her a month or so later for a hike on a cold Georgia day. After our hike she wrote about Briley again. And then again. […]

  2. That’s so sweet, thanks Val! I had a terrific time meeting you. Hopefully I’ll be back before too long. And hopefully it’ll be just a tad warmer.

    1. Hahaha… yes, warmer please! Lots of great places to explore around here, especially up in the mountains. And next time bring Brenda so we can hobble along together. 🙂

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