Postcards from Real Life: Campfire

Last weekend we trekked off for a little local adventure here in Georgia. Part of the purpose of this trip was to make progress in completing the Georgia State Parks geocaching challenge but it was more so for some Vitamin N.

Fred grouses about camping these days, summoning discontent from the depths of his teenage bosom. But once we’re there, both boys’ demeanors change. Camping lets you escape the burdens of urban life, even for those who don’t realize the load they carry. As we sat around the campfire at night, I marveled at what this experience does for people, not just my boys.

There’s something innately communal about the campfire. People are truly the most relaxed version of themselves in the warm glow. Natural, honest conversation flows freely, the campfire serving as a sort of outdoor confessional that strips away the pretense and armor we often hold in the daylight. Around the campfire, guards are let down, friendships are solidified, relationships are deepened.

Gather around the campfire…


  1. An echo for the Amen!

    1. High five, man! 🙂

  2. Amen!!!!

    1. Hahaha… I know, right? I got a kick out of Fred’s attitude turn-around and realized that actually happens for everyone. 🙂

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