The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 3

Three weeks into the Pacific Northwest tour and I’ve collected Fred and George in Denver for Stage 2… the actual Pacific Northwest part.

What I’ve been up to…

A busy but fulfilling week in Colorado and Utah.
A busy but fulfilling week in Colorado and Utah.
  • 1 final day in Great Sand Dunes: Hiked the amazing Mosca Pass and began dismantling camp. I found myself stalling a bit on the morning I left. It’s very hard for me to leave this place.
  • 1/2 day drive from Great Sand Dunes to Denver, CO: I exited the dunes, made a brief stop in Pueblo for an oil change, and headed to Denver for a long overdue shower.
  • 2 days in Denver: This was my rendezvous point with Fred and George. I even managed to have a quick breakfast with Katie Boue of The Morning Fresh before leaving town.
  • 1/2 day drive to Dinosaur National Monument: A jaw-droppingly gorgeous drive to Jensen, UT.
  • 2 days at Dinosaur National Monument: Now with Fred and George as travel-mates, we explored the offerings of Dinosaur as well as logged some geocaching smileys.
  • 1 day in Salt Lake City: We exited Dinosaur and headed in to SLC for a night in a hotel to shower and regroup. This also involved a pit-stop at Goal Zero to handle some technical issues.

By the numbers…

  • Total Days on the Road: 7 (21 total)
  • Miles this Week: 930 (3,380 total)
  • States this Week: 2 (CO, UT) for 12 total
  • National Parks & Lands visited this week: 2 (Great Sand Dunes & Dinosaur National Monument)
  • Instagrams: 31 (68 total)
  • Time Zone Changes: 0 (5 total)
  • Nights in Hotel: 3 (7 total)
  • Nights Camping: 4 (14 total)
  • Geocaches: 5
  • Oil Changes: 1
  • Continental Divide crossings: 1 (3 total)

Highlights in Instagrams…

For my last day at Great Sand Dunes, I hiked the gorgeous Mosca Pass trail.
Blubaru got some well-deserved TLC in Pueblo.
My stop in Denver was mainly to collect Fred and George who joined me for Stage 2 of the trip.
I certainly couldn’t swing through Denver without saying hi to The Morning Fresh… besides, there was bacon involved.
Dinosaur National Monument - Val in Real Life
Dinosaur National Monument was next on our radar.
Knee high to a dinosaur?
I completely slacked on geocaching on my solo part of the trip but George made sure we got our smileys happening.
Imagine my delight to discover the formations at Dinosaur National Monument were the same ones I studied at field camp in Northern New Mexico… just a few years ago. 😉
The chipmunk bandits at the Green River campground at Dinosaur were quite a handful.
A lofty geocache find for Camp Granola.
A stop at Goal Zero HQ proved more of an adventure than we bargained for…
Just about the instant we landed in our hotel in SLC, Fred and George were soaking up the juice…

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And now for your moment of green…

Dinosaur National Monument… where history and geology collide.

So far…

The Pacific Northwest Tour (2014)


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