The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 5

So I’m now at five weeks on the road in the Pacific Northwest tour and Fred and George have been with me for the last 18 days.

Our travel has changed as we’ve moved northward. Instead of holing up at a park and exploring in one spot, we’re now camping in one spot but heading out for day trips. It’s a pick yoru poison kind of situation… choosing between moving camp often or spending lots of time driving out from a central hub.

What I’ve been up to in the last week…

This week led us to pushing northward through challenging weather.
This week led us to pushing northward through challenging weather.
  • 1 day in the Columbia Gorge: We did the obligatory water fall run through Multnomah and Horsetail as well as a look at the Bonneville Dam.
  • 1 day at Silver Falls State Park: We spent the day mostly in the park and in the nearby town of Silverton.
  • 1 day driving to Cannon Beach: We headed towards Cannon Beach and even scored our western-most geocache but with lackluster weather, we decided to keep moving northward towards Seattle instead of sticking around.
  • 1 day driving to the Seattle area: We took the scenic route along the Olympic Peninsula to our hotel stop in Silverdale, Washington. I spent the evening drying out the tents and catching up on long-overdue laundry.
  • 1 day in Olympic National Park: We ventured to the park for the day knowing we’d only get a glimpse of the diversity there. But even our short time along Hurricane Ridge was enough to know this place is astounding.
  • 1 day moving to Deception Pass State Park: It took all freaking day to get out of Silverdale, resupply, grab the ferry, and set up camp.
  • 1 day in the San Juan Islands: We ventured out to the San Juans for a little exploration and an orca watching outing.

By the numbers…

  • Total Days on the Road: 7 (35 total)
  • Miles this Week: 965 (5,505 total)
  • States this Week: 2 (OR, WA) for 14 total
  • National Parks & Lands visited this week: 3 (Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, San Juan National Monument).
  • State Parks visited: 2 (Silver Falls in OR and Deception Pass in WA)
  • Instagrams: 25 (115 total)
  • Time Zone Changes: 1 (6 total)
  • Nights in Hotel: 3 (11 total)
  • Nights Camping: 4 (24 total)
  • Geocaches: 6 (22 total)
  • Oil Changes: 1
  • Continental Divide crossings: 0 (3 total)

Highlights in Instagrams…

A trip through the Columbia River Gorge left Fred and George wide-eyed.
The Bonneville Dam was not even remotely on our radar when we started out but ended up having a huge wow-factor with the resident lamprey captivating our imaginations.
The lush Silver Falls State Park was a marvel of wildflowers.
The North Falls trail at Silver Falls State Park blew us away…
Oregon sunsets. Enough said.
Our attempt to geocache and just generally enjoy Cannon Beach was met with cold, blustery rains… Shocking, I know.
Our entry into Washington State meant the completion of the lower 48 for Camp Granola!
We got a taste of local flavor at Sluys Poulsbo Bakery…
I got to surprise the boys with snow on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. My Georgia boys weren’t really thinking “Snow in June” when we set out.
At Olympic National Park, I got lost in the beautiful macro world as usual.
Blubaru got treated to her first ferry ride as we moved from Silverdale to Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island.
The ride was cold and wet but there was no way I was staying inside on the ferry to the breathtaking San Juan Islands.
We indulged in an Orca viewing tour in the San Juans. Quite stunning.
My cozy little office at Deception Pass State Park in Washington…

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And now for your moment of green…

Dramatic weather greeted us to Olympic National Park… along with wildflowers and deer. It was one amazing piece of a very full week of exploring the Pacific Northwest.

So far…

The Pacific Northwest Tour (2014)


  1. Now I really want to do a trip to the PNW! Beautiful!

    1. It’s something else. And we’ve only scratched the surface.

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