The Camp Granola crew is winding down the Pacific Northwest tour but still facing over 1,600 miles to get home in the next 3 days. But here’s what’s counter-intuitive… I’m taking backroads for the most part.

In what could be a drudgery of long driving travel days, backroads keep me alert and engaged. I find myself constantly delighted by the sights of backroads. My mind is occupied by understanding the place I’m in, not just mentally shut down and trying to get through. Because I’m not interested in just getting home. I want to learn, see, and come away with something bigger.

So I leave you with this though from yours truly:
Just as our personal experiences, our backstories, capture who we are, backroads capture the story of places.

Because when you travel on backroads you truly get a sense of place, even if you’re just passing through.


  1. A lovely find and a great shot of it too.

  2. Love this thought. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more of your photos.

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