The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 7

Week 7 of the Pacific Northwest tour marks the end of our journey this time around. I wish I could say it wasn’t mostly just driving but we did try to break it up. I fact, this ended up being our biggest week of geocaching as we used the sport to add life to our drive.

What I was up to up to…

The biggest drive of my life, including an all-nighter.
The biggest drive of my life, including an all-nighter.
  • 1 day geocaching in Banff: We spent our only full day in Banff geocaching through off-and-on rain as well as mosquitoes. I kept the option of spending one more night but after so long on the road, our stamina for the weather was depleted.
  • 5 days driving home: We packed up from Banff amidst the rain and bugs to start the long drive home, intending to still see what we could along the way. We did manage to take a lot of backroads to make the 2,600 miles somewhat palatable.

By the numbers…

  • Total Days on the Road: 6 (48 total)
  • Miles this Week: 2,595 (9,015 total)
  • States this Week: 10 (ND, SD, MN, IA, NE, MO, IL, KY, TN, GA) for 22 total
  • Canadian Provinces: 3 (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) for 4 total
  • National Parks & Lands visited this week: 4 (Banff National Park, Sheyenne National Grassland)
  • Instagrams: 18 (152 total)
  • Time Zone Changes: 2 (8 total)
  • Nights in Hotel: 3 ( total)
  • Nights Camping: 2 (22 total)
  • Geocaches: 19 (52 total)
  • Oil Changes: 0 (2 total)
  • Continental Divide crossings: 0 (4 total)

Highlights in Instagrams…

Mountain vistas and charismatic squirrels greeted us in Banff.
For our short time in Banff, we chose to spend our adventure time tackling the park’s geocaching challenge.
A glimpse of George’s successful geocaching mission in Banff.
The plains of Saskatchewan were dotted with wonderful lakes filled with birds.
As we blasted our way home, we downshifted to hotel time so we could make the most of our driving time.
By Friday night, we were back in the U.S., just in time for a North Dakota sunset.
Geocaching stops helped break up the long drive home…
A quick stop in Jefferson City, MO let me catch up with Hell Hike and Raft crew buddy, Jeff Howell.
Back in our home state of Georgia, the boys opted for a Waffle House breakfast after our all-night drive.
9,015 miles later, our adventure-mobile did it again… like a boss!

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And now for your moment of green…

The moody weather in Banff made for insane nature eye-candy.

So far…

The Pacific Northwest Tour (2014)