48 Days on the Road

This past Sunday, I wrapped up the Pacific Northwest tour my longest road trip ever, 48 days. Given the type of people I often associate with, the overlanding and dirtbag sorts, my trip is small beans. Even so, returning from an extended trip has it’s challenges whether it’s seven weeks or seven years. The longer you’re gone, the longer it takes to re-acclimate to being headquartered one place. It’s not easy if you’re the type who thrives on travel and change. It’s not easy returning from a clean slate to your established existence.

The upside is that the familiar places and routines are fresh again. You can better see your bad habits and good ones. You notice things you were overlooking for being so accustomed to them. Like the unhealthy ruts we often develop by retreading the same path over-and-over at home… the ones that bog us down and suck the joy from life. Now is the time to notice them, take a moment to understand how they developed, and turn away.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. ~Denis Waitley

subaru forester in manitoba - val in real life
The transition from life on the road to life back at home is a double-edged sword…