Hell Hike and Raft

One of the things about my life is that, even on the heels of a big adventure like the Pacific Northwest Tour, I’m always getting the question, “What’s next?” And as my fellow adventurers know, one of the ways to ease the re-entry blues is to be planning the next adventure. In my case, that’s been in the works for awhile… and now that I’m not consumed with a monster road trip, I’ve got my sights set on Idaho.

So on September 1st I’ll be flying out to take on a groovy adventure with 11 of my outdoor blogger co-horts for the Hell Hike and Raft. We’re coming together from all over the United States to take on roughly 40 miles of hiking and 30 miles of rafting through Idaho’s Seven Devils Mountain Range and Hell’s Canyon with America’s Rafting Company (ARC) as our guide.

The totally faboo sponsors supporting this project...
The totally faboo sponsors supporting this project…

We’ll be sharing our experiences, thoughts, and stories about the trip itself and what we’re doing to prepare for an adventure like this. Not only are they a lot of fun, but they’re incredible outdoors-folk who are worth paying attention to so be sure to check out their bios on the Hell Hike and Raft website.

It takes a lot of effort and coordination to get a project like this off the ground and thanks to Adam Nutting of Hiking the Trail and ARC, this trip is really coming together. Between their efforts and those of my crew-mates, there are some fantastic sponsors lined up. We’ll truly be putting the products to the test given the extreme conditions of this adventure and, of course, we’ll be sharing our thoughts with you.

So be sure to follow along, this is going to be a wild ride…

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Idaho. Hiking. Rafting. Bring it on.
The Hell Hike and Raft… Idaho. Hiking. Rafting. Bring it on.