Potable Aqua: Easy Solutions for Minimalist Adventures

So back in May I told you about my new adventure as Brand Ambassador for Potable Aqua. Well now I get to tell you more about their products and why I use them.

Potable Aqua offers two varieties of water purification to fit your needs. And with PA Plus, you can minimize the iodine taste of the fast-acting tablets.


There are lots of ways to purify your water when you are in the backcountry. Outdoorsfolk of all flavors will likely be happy to give you their two cents and you will get more opinions than you thought possible. You know the saying about opinions…

For me, the reason I like the Potable Aqua tablets is that they fit with my minimalist/non-gear-junkie mindset. They are lightweight, small, simple, and effective. With two treatment options, I can choose based on my situation and assessment of the water-quality situation. The longer-acting four-hour chlorine dioxide tablets tackle bacteria, viruses and cysts and the short-acting 35 minute iodine tablets, which are germicidal, tackle bacteria in questionable water sources.

The minimal size and weight of the Potable Aqua tablets make them no-brainers for backcountry use.

In the field…

Obviously the four-hour chlorine dioxide tablets require a longer lead time before you can drink the treated water but they are very handy for overnight treatment. And they are nice to have around because they take up almost no space in an emergency kit. They offer a different flavor as well as a different treatment mechanism which covers a greater range of water-borne nasties.

At only a 35-minute treatment time, the iodine tablets treat water more quickly but also taste like iodine. With the option of the PA Plus neutralizing tablets, you can add the extra treatment to your water at the end of the cycle to help reduce that flavor.

Now, as for those flavors, I hear people complaining about the “chalky” taste of the chlorine tabs as well as the iodine. Having used these, it all sounds a bit dramatic to me. The iodine taste is not that strong plus the neutralizing tablets do bring that down a bit if that’s a sticking point for you. I personally don’t find the chlorine tabs to be overwhelmingly chalky, especially in the context of a natural water source. I struggle more with “floaties” than anything but even that’s not so bad that I’d want the hassle of a filtration system.

For more on how I use these on the trail, have a gander at this video…

Alternative uses…

While I mostly use Potable Aqua tablets on the trail, I don’t consider them for only outdoor backcountry recreation. Ever since Snowpocalypse, I’ve renewed my effort to be prepared for unexpected situations. The chances of having to use these in an urban environment is extraordinarily small but having my Potable Aqua tablets on hand can make the difference between roughing through a tough time and having that situation be horrific or catastrophic.

I can very much see them being useful in scenarios when municipal services are likely to be interrupted or contaminated during scenarios like natural disasters or if you find yourself unexpectedly stranded on a road trip.

Close up of the tablets: large chlorine dioxide on the bottom, smaller iodine and neutralizing at the top.

Get your goodies…

The good news for y’all, is that Potable Aqua partners with Wisconsin Pharmaceuticals which makes all sorts of goodies for the Coleman brand. And guess what? I’ve got a mother lode for you.

So use this handy Rafflecopter widget to generate entries for a Coleman cooler full of Potable Aqua and Coleman products…

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Good luck to everyone!

As always…

Potable Aqua provided me with these items free of charge to review, however, that has not influenced my opinion in any way. My opinions and experiences are my own and they may vary from yours.

And now for your moment of green…

Staying hydrated in the field can be a challenge but I love my PA tablets for their minimal impact on my pack weight and space as well as the low hassle-factor.


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    Shelf life?

  7. I would use Potable Aqua while backpacking in the Sierras.

  8. I might use these at home because of the quality of water in Chattanooga. I’m tired of boiling water so I would definitely use these on the trail. Please help the only backpacker that can’t afford a purification system

  9. Boiling water is old. This purification process is very simple and probably the best way. I would love to have this gift pack so I could step into the new millennium.

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