Gear Review: Cairn Gear boxes

As you know, on September 1st I’m heading to Idaho. I’ll be part of the Hell Hike and Raft crew as we take on rafting and hiking in the Seven Devils. There are some really amazing sponsors lined up to support the trip and one of those happens to be the good folks at Cairn. And just before I set out on the Pacific Northwest Tour, they sent along a box of their goodies to try out. Convenient, no?

What’s Cairn?

Cairn is a subscription service and for $25 a month you get a box of curated outdoor goodies delivered to your door. This includes gear, apparel, food & nutrition, and skin care. This is a service you can get for yourself or gift to a friend. Cairn also offers the opportunity to earn points towards free gear by completing reviews.

In the box…

My Cairn box of goodies.
My Cairn box of goodies.

When I received my box back in May it included the following:

  • Hydroflask, 12 oz. (Retail value $20)
  • Mosquitno wristband (Retail value $4)
  • Joshua Tree Hiker’s Salve (Retail value $17)
  • 1 Old Ephraim StrapGear, 10” (Retail value $9/2-pack)
  • Stinger Honey Waffle (Retail value $1.50)

For my box the total retail value comes out to $47. So you can see the value is certainly there… for $25 you are getting far more than $25 worth of products. If you like surprises and gear, this is right up your alley.

Some of my fellow crew members received things like a LifeStraw, a Light My Fire spork, instant peanut butter, Straw Propeller Oatmeal, and a Luminaid light in their boxes.

My thoughts…

I have very mixed about this because I’m not a gear junkie. I tend to like to keep things simple. Yet, I really liked some of the items included in the box and I wouldn’t have discovered them on my own because of my tendency to keep my minimalist blinders on.

Truth is, I’ve actually ended up using all of these items. They weren’t all crucial but they were helpful. And I will admit I am now throughly attached to my HydroFlask. The was the big win for me with my Cairn box… I love this bottle. Fred and George are learning to keep their little mitts off of it lest they face the wrath-of-mom. 😉

Other thoughts…

Some of my fellow Hell Hike and Raft crew members have their reviews of the Cairn service posted. Have a look:

Getting in on the action…

So if you’ve decided this is for you, click on over to Cairn to sign up for your subscription. Enter promo code VALINREALLIFE for $5 off your first month. So yeah, the deal just got sweeter all thanks to Hell Hike and Raft. Enjoy!

As always…

Cairn provided me with these items free of charge to review, however, that has not influenced my opinion in any way. My opinions and experiences are my own and they may vary from yours.

And now for your moment of green…

What does a salmon berry in Oregon have to do with Cairn? What you can’t see is that my coffee-filled HydroFlask was by my side while I piddled around shooting groovy things at Silver Falls State Park.


  1. I was stumbling around and came across your blog post. Hope things are as good as they can be after your accident. Thinking of you.

    1. Thanks, Trevor! Working towards getting back to everything. It will be a long haul. Cheers, buddy.

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