On Monday I set off for the Hell Hike and Raft. After months of anticipation and preparation, it’s finally upon us.

This type of travel is actually quite different for me and has set me out of my travel and packing comfort zone. Airline travel, backcountry hiking, and whitewater rafting are not activities I’m involved in all that much these days, much less all put together in one trip.

The other factors? I’m doing this with eleven brand-new friends (as well as two guides, a mule, and a horse…) and I’ll be facing physical challenges that will push me to my limit.

I can’t wait to see what comes out of this for me personally as well as for my crewmates.

And so I leave you with this…

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ~Martin Buber

craters of the moon
I’ve never set foot in Idaho before this year and now I’m heading back for a second trip in three months. Yikes!


  1. So excited for you Val! At least half of all discoveries along our journeys are discoveries we make about ourselves along the way! I am excited to follow along and then grateful to visit with you after your trip and get the personal stories that don’t make it online. Have Fun in Hell!

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