I just returned from another whirlwind adventure… a two-parter. I spent 6 days on the Hell Hike and Raft in Idaho followed by a trip to Virginia City in Nevada.

Each journey is a well-spring of new discoveries but this time I discovered something old. My mojo.

I’ve been phoning it in, photography-wise, for quite some time. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t, but the passion and vision have been sorely lacking for well more than a year now. I haven’t been photographing like I mean it as my buddy Will Clay puts it.

I had to keep at it, though. I can’t very well continue my work here without shooting. But I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated knowing I haven’t been able to tap into to my full ability. Even having visited countless stunning, inspirational places… my beloved Great Sand Dunes included, I haven’t been able to muster my mojo to capture what I see. And quite often I couldn’t even see the shot.

Languishing in the doldrums is heavy weight to carry. It’s the kind of internal struggle that impacts a person on many levels including confidence, focus, and happiness to name a few.

But I’m back now. The relief is tremendous. I haven’t figured out what it was about this trip that did the trick but I’m grateful. And I don’t plan to over-analyze it. I’m just going to take the mojo and run.

Upper Bernard Lake
Turns out I had to go to hell to find my mojo.