Real Life Connections: Hell Hike and Raft

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the friendships I’ve made through social media are amazing. And it was social media that made the Hell Hike and Raft possible.

It was an amazing adventure and I’m thrilled to have met everyone involved in person. Our online chatter allowed us to connect before hitting the trail but these real life interactions are truly where the beauty of social media lies. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to share this experience with people I admire and now get to count as friends as well.

It’s difficult to articulate the bonds created on an adventure like this, both as a group and between individuals. But having had this experience together, these folks know how tongue-tied I get when I’m overwhelmed with amazement. It actually became a bit of a joke on the trip so I hope you will just trust me and check these people out… these are folks worth following:

Hell Hike and Raft Crew

hell hike and raft
The Hell Hike and Raft crew, pre-hike and still smiling…

Cheers, friends! Thank you for a wonderful journey

6 thoughts on “Real Life Connections: Hell Hike and Raft

  1. Val thank you for being a part of this awsome trip. I am so glad to finally meet you after following your adventures on social media for years #adventurestalker. See you at the camel races.

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