Today marks another year under my belt. Like any year, forty-two presented it’s triumphs and challenges. I’m thrilled with the adventures I was able to have both solo and with the boys, though. For me, that’s the big picture as I look back at the year.

And to that end, this year marks the beginning of a transition for the crew here at Val in Real Life. Fred and George are growing. Their educational and social needs are changing. That locks them more into staying local to attend classes at their homeschool groups. Which means less opportunities for them to travel. But they’re thriving so it’s all good. I knew this would come; they are moving targets after all.

For my part, I simply hope I’ve laid the groundwork for their curiosity about the world so as they set out on their own, they do it with open eyes and open minds. We’ll still be traveling and road schooling as much as we can together but, as you can imagine, their new paradigm means my travel is shifting, too.

So over the next couple of years as the road schooling adventures wind down and my solo travels ramp up, I’ll be making some changes in how I approach them. I’ll take on some challenges that either they weren’t interested in or weren’t appropriate for them. Basically, I get to explore on my terms instead of juggling everyone’s needs and desires.

Even though I’m beginning to show my age a bit more, I know my best years are still ahead. I’m excited about how much I still have left to do. And as a teaser, I will say that it’s never too late to try new things or take on new challenges. I’ll leave you with that mini-cliff-hanger until next week when I reveal what my travels will look like moving forward. Because even as adventurer, sometimes you have to try a new path.

And as I celebrate my birthday today, I’ll be remembering the amazing things I’ve gotten to do in my life, what lies ahead, and how fully I want to live. Because I know that even having as many years as I’ve had so far is a privilege.

So I leave you with this…



  1. Well said. Looking forward to your future adventures 🙂

    1. I’m bringing you along… 😉

  2. Happy Birthday, Val.

    Here’s to another 43 years full of love, family, friends, good health, and new adventures. Cheers!!!

    Love and hugs,

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to what 43 has to offer.

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