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outdoor families magazine

For the better part of 2014, there has been a fabulous project brewing… and the rubber hits the road this Thursday. On January 15th, Outdoor Families Magazine goes live.

Your gateway to outdoor family adventure.
Your gateway to outdoor family adventure.

Powerhouse outdoor family community leaders Jennifer Fontaine (Mommy Hiker), Erin Kirkland (AK on the Go), and Traci Lehman (Walk Simply) have headed the charge to bring you Outdoor Families Magazine, a clearinghouse of all things related to outdoors and adventure for families.

The project began as a collaboration by the outdoor family blogger community that brought you the OutFam Twitter chat and will allow us to share our vast and varied expertise on a larger scale and in a central location.

So Outdoor Families Magazine was born and will be the go-to resource hub, cultivating a robust, engaged community that connects with people who are interested in obtaining information related to family outdoor sports, activities and play, environmental stewardship, volunteering, adventure travel, mind and body nourishment, and green living resources, ideas and tips.

With over 30 contributors (including your truly, of course), Outdoor Families Magazine aims to foster the creation of the next generation of children and families who love the outdoors. And you know that’s a mission I totally support. 🙂

So stay tuned and follow along on Twitter and Facebook this week as the launch nears. There will be lots of launch day excitement.

outdoor families magazine

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