Celebrating Winter

Here in the Peach State, winter is a conundrum. The respite from summer’s brutal heat is welcome yet we don’t have the benefit of snow to liven up our outdoor adventures. In fact, snow here is quite catastrophic… just sayin’.

But as hard as cold, rainy, dreary winter weeks like this one has been, I still actually appreciate winter in general, and Georgia winters in particular, for many reasons:

  • I like the actual physical landscape changes that happen through Georgia’s winters. It makes me appreciate each season as it comes and goes. There’s an anticipation to each one for its distinct qualities. Growing up in South Florida, we had no seasons. Or rather, the seasons were demarcated by hot and less hot or shitloads of mosquitoes and slightly less mosquitoes.
  • Geocaching is more fun in winter… no battling poison ivy, ticks, and yellow jackets. Plus, less vegetation makes finding the caches easier. As does not having to contend with snow, as you can imagine.
  • Less trail traffic so everything is quieter… even the critters. It’s a more contemplative experience.
  • The natural landscape is delightfully exposed: bare, naked, vulnerable. I love seeing the skeletal outlines of trees. They are graphic and complex and you can’t see that when everything is leafed out…
  • Which means winter photography provides new opportunities to see and capture the stark contrasts of winter.
  • And then there’s the practical considerations. The short, cold, dreary days inspire me to get things done around the house since the weather is less agreeable for outdoor adventures. If you’re going to be stuck inside so many days, you might as well get those pesky house projects completed, right?
  • In the doldrums of winter, that one “good” weather day feels epic. That’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?
  • In Georgia, because our winter weather is so mild and comparatively short, I can motorcycle year-round with little concern about ice and snow complications. That’s all kinds of groovy in my book.

So I leave you with this…

val in real life


  1. I can sure understand that second point! Everyone reckon’s the most deadly and evil creatures are here in Australia but really, all the snakes run and hide when they hear you coming! Poison Ivy and Ticks ain’t goin nowhere! Yep, I’d prefer winter too if it meant none of that business 😛

    1. No doubt! Australia has some serious critters to contend with. I’m very grateful for a few months break each year. Cheers!

  2. Val I really appreciate your points here. Why? I’m usually chilling in the tropics right now instead of being in NJ, my current location. Tonight it’ll hit 7 degrees. Cold. REALLY cold, and we hit wind chills of – 20 last week yet I appreciate it for your very reasons. Winter does cause one to contemplate more, to spend time in quiet and to be in tune with nature. What a blessing it is, indeed.

    Thanks for the fun change up 😉


    1. Thanks, Ryan. The extremes do provide a healthy perspective, don’t they? Fortunately southern winters are usually mild. Today, however, we’re having record lows. A bit chillier than I’m used to but it will make me appreciate spring that much more, right?

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