Living By Example

This month the good folks at Bon Bon Break kicked off their Fill Your Bucket series with some thoughts from me about living by example.

In the aftermath of my recent ordeal, I shared with you why I will ride again but the bigger picture is that our children learn from the examples we set. Big and small, intentionally or not, good or bad… they watch and learn. Own-Words-Chip-300w

There are plenty of moments when you hope they don’t emulate you, we parents are human after all and make our fair share of mistakes. But for all of the positive, intentional lessons and insight we hope to impart on our children as they grow, for me this is the big one I hope they take away… to be true to themselves and live fully.

I hope you’ll pop over and have a read. Or, if your prefer, a listen on Bon Bon Break’s iTunes store.

Live large and adventure on, friends.

val in real life - great sand dunes
It’s living life like this that has kept my bucket full. And it’s the strength of confidence that comes from my adventures that will help me weather this low-point in my life.


  1. Best wishes to you. Indeed, children learn form example, great reminder.

    1. Thank you. I hope I’m setting the stage for them to make deliberate choices in their lives.


  2. I love this post. These words are so important: “my life hasn’t always been what it is today, but I made the changes necessary for it to be what I wanted.”

    We’re not passengers!

    All the best for your recovery. X

    1. No, we are not passengers. At least those of us who want to suck the marrow out of life. 🙂

      Thank you. Really antsy to get back on the bike.

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