Try the World Brings the Flavors of the Globe to Your Door

val in real life - try the world

As an experiential education family, we’re always on the hunt for cool ways to expand our learning opportunities. And like a lot of families, we have the desire to explore far and wide but the reality of making that happen doesn’t always come to bear.

val in real life - try the world
George with his bonus world box, a collection of items from various countries.

Like his mom, George has a well-developed curiosity about the world. He particularly loves geography and food so when the Try the World subscription service came to my attention just a few weeks before his birthday, it was a no-brainer to sign him up.

The service brings a themed box of food from different countries to your doorstep every two months. Each one includes a sampling of shelf-stable products. His initial box was from France and his second from Morocco but we also received a free world box as part of a subscription promotion. With those so far, he’s gotten everything from truffle oil and eggplant caviar to candied pear and belgian chocolate.

George reads the packaging and notices the nuances of the languages and information given. He makes comparisons to products we have here in the U.S. So in lieu of being able to travel to these countries right now, he’s still building a larger world view, stepping out of what he’s familiar with, and embracing other cultures.

try the world
Try the World brings yummies from all of the world right to your door.

To expand your experience in learning about the world, each of the themed boxes also comes with a culture guide that gives a broader view of the country. Each one includes information on typical meals, recipes, poetry, as well as music and movie suggestions.

It’s also a neat thing we can share at an age when hanging out with your mom isn’t as cool as it once was. He’ll excitedly bring me a sample of one of the products and say “Hey Mom, do you want to try this?” Yes, sweetie. I do.

Aside from the perk of mother-son bonding, I like that the Try the World service feeds his curiosity about other places in the world until we’re able to get there in person.

For more information about the service or to get started with your subscription, visit Try the World.

The French box…

val in real life - try the world
The contents of George’s France box.

The Morocco box…

val in real life - try the world
The contents of this month’s Morocco box.

Thanks for watching. Hope you’ll Try the World. We’re having a great time with it and we think you will too.