Embracing My Wheelhouse…

I’ve gotten in the habit of naming my longer trips. It’s a label that makes for easy reference. Over the last few years we’ve taken on George’s Birthday Adventure, Geowoodstock to TBEX, Overland Expo to TBEX, and The Pacific Northwest Tour.

As you can see, I’m a road trip veteran and today I begin another one. But this one is different. And it isn’t. And I don’t quite know what to call it.

val in real life
This will be a familiar trip with a lot of new challenges.

This is the one that I sink my teeth into to regain a sense of myself after what has been a very intense year so far. It’s a return to normal. My normal. So in that sense it’s the same.

Yet the place I’m approaching it from is quite different. I’m embracing a familiar paradigm… from an unfamiliar one. One of recovery and with hope that I can get my groove back by tapping into the foundation I’ve built for this kind of travel.

It’s also bittersweet. This was supposed to be a motorcycle trip but I’m hitting the road in my trusty Forester instead. I’m forced to step back into the usual until I have the ability to embrace the future again. It’s also frustrating because packing and loading the car are much more difficult than they used to be and I can see I’ll be facing new challenges all along this journey.

But I need to remind myself I know how to do this. This is my wheelhouse. Even if I have to make some adjustments along the way to accommodate my new limitations, I can do it.

So stay tuned. As usual I’ll be posting lots of fun stuff from the road on Facebook, G+, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ll be starting at Overland Expo again, revisiting some of my favorite southwestern haunts, and seeking about some new places to explore. This trip will be about five weeks with Fred and George joining me about half-way through for another mixed trip of solo and family travel.

Happy travels, friends.

And now for your moment of green…

val in real life
Here’s hoping I can find renewal from old growth.