Death Valley Super Bloom

Death Valley Super Bloom - Val in Real Life

A few weeks ago, I got to shuttle myself out to Death Valley National Park for the Super Bloom. The timing was such that I had to be there President’s Day weekend… so it was crowded and a bit before the super bloom’s peak. Given the once-in-a-lifetime nature of this event, I wasn’t going to be picky so I took my opportunity.

So I bet you’re expecting to see lots of flower shots, huh?

In terms of satisfying images, the super bloom ended up being a footnote. The crowds, wind, and haze made flower shots really difficult during my time there. I will say the being there was astounding, even if my resulting images don’t reflect the epic nature of the super bloom event.

Instead, I got into full-dork mode on infrared and historical photography in Rhyolite and Titus Canyon. And getting to meet up with my photography buddy, Steve Zigler, wasn’t too shabby either. He even made me coffee. 🙂

With that, here’s a little slideshow of my whirlwind trip to Death Valley for the Super Bloom. Enjoy!


  1. Your photos are great! We caught the super bloom last spring (two super blooms in a row during a drought — weird). It was lovely!

    1. It’s quite an amazing thing to see such a “desolate” places so alive, yes?

      Death Valley is extraordinary!

  2. I just came back from a camp trip at DVNP where we caught some of the super bloom in the valley. We had to work with different angles to capture the fullness of the flowers, but ultimately we left with less than ideal shots. On our way out we encountered a thicker super bloom just before Ash Meadows NWR. I enjoyed your video; it makes me miss the area.

    1. It’s no easy task to capture it! I was happy to see it too, even though my shots were not what I’d hoped for.

  3. Very nice. Really like some of the ‘artsy’ photo’s of the truck. Sounds like it was a great trip.

    1. Thank you. It’s fun to experiment with “artsy” shots. Sadly, most just end up looking lame but a few turn out pretty nice. 😛

      It was a fabulous trip. Death Valley never disappoints!

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