Carson City Motor Cop Competition

Carson City Sheriff's Office Extreme Motor Officer Challenge 2016

Each year, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office hosts the Extreme Motor Officer Training Challenge. This year marked the 13th anniversary of the event, designed to bring motor officers together for friendly competition, training exercises, and community connection. This year’s venue, Mills Park, proved to be a fantastic site to be able to see all of the action brought by motor officers in Nevada and California.

Down to business…

The marquis event of the Extreme Motor Officer Training Challenge is the timed course. Friday is a practice day for the timed course while Saturday was the competition itself.

carson city motor cop competition - val in real life
Big bikes and big skills at the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Extreme Motor Officer Challenge.

For riding enthusiasts, watching both days is a treat. The practice day is almost a free-for-all with multiple riders on the course at the same time. Watching them ride together in tight maneuvers is astonishing and exhilarating. And with each trial round, you can see them run the course faster and faster, creating quite a lot of anticipation for how fast they’ll run in the competition.

As for competition day itself, the bustle is a bit slower with only one rider on the course at a time. But with that you get to focus on the whole of the course as they navigate it, fighting for a fast time.

What makes the vibe of the competition so compelling is the camaraderie of the riders, all pushing themselves to do their best, but also supporting each other in their triumphs and foibles. Because in the end, this event is about training and improvement to stay safe on the road.

Seeing them in action, you realize you’re watching some of the most skilled riders in the world. The maneuvers they accomplish on huge bikes at low speeds are phenomenal. It’s a reminder of what the bikes are capable of doing with a subtext of knowing their lives depend on top-notch skills.

For more news from the event, head on over to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office Motor Unit Facebook page. They’ve got great photos and videos of additional Extreme Motor Officer Training Challenge events like tether and Last Man Standing.

Reality check…

On a more somber note, much of the sentiment of the event was for the loss of San Jose motor officer, Michael Katherman, on June 14th. He was killed while on duty when a car turned left in front of him. As you know, I have all-too-familiar experience with that myself. Fortunately I survived, if barely, and now quite a bit worse for wear.

Here’s the thing: when the most skilled riders in the world are being killed in these scenarios, I have to remind drivers again, that being aware of all road users is on you.

For those who continue to dismiss motorcycling as dangerous instead of acknowledging the bigger problem, I’ll say it yet again… No. When responsible, defensive, highly-trained riders are being killed, you are what’s dangerous. When 70% of motorcycle crashes are due to a driver not seeing a rider, we have to look at driver training, education, and awareness as the weakest link.

Please do your part. Learn. Look twice. Look carefully.

For your enjoyment…

Obviously this is an emotional subject for me. So on a lighter note and stepping back off my soap box, here’s a video of the event. I hope you find these officers’ skills as inspiring as I do.

And now for your moment of green…

gibbs gardens - val in real ife
Wishing Officer Katherman’s friends and family peace and comfort.