Forty-Six: Gratitude

Last year when I set out on my motorcycle for Baja, it was with the intent of pursuing adventure for my 45th birthday. This year, I’m back in Baja for my birthday but it wasn’t the purpose of the trip, just a coincidence. It happens to be a great time of year to be here.

However, being here and traveling by motorcycle—my favorite form of adventure—I’m happy for the coincidence. I needed it more than I knew when I set out. The adventures of this trip have refilled a bucket that was becoming depleted. Yesterday I had the most spectacular day on the bike I think I’ve ever had. It felt like eating the cupcakefeeling alive, and embracing the mañana spirit all wrapped into one.

As the messages have come through today wishing me a happy birthday and I’m out doing what I love most, I’m simply grateful. Grateful for the wonderful people in my life. Grateful to be doing what I’m doing right now. And grateful I’ve had another year of a full life.

As I set out to tackle year 47 ahead, I wish you all the same fortune I’ve had.

Cheers, friends!