A Camel Walks into a Saloon

It’s another severe clear summer day on the Comstock. I’m at the end of the bar nursing a cold beer. I’ve earned a drink or two to quench my thirst […]

thule atlantis 1600xt - val in real life

A Jillion Miles with a Thule Roof Box

For quite a few years my trusty Subaru Forester has served as the main adventure-mobile for my explorations with Fred and George. She’s been in semi-retirement as life has moved […]

nevada state parks passport - val in real life

Getting my Nevada State Parks Passport

I spent many of my years in Georgia exploring the vast offerings of its state park system. Much of that was with Fred and George in tow as we pursued […]

love note to the peach state

Love Note to the Peach State

Oh Peach State, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways—mountains, swamps, beaches, rivers, pinelands, farms, waterfalls, museums, gardens, rich history, beautiful people. The list goes on and […]

baja mañana spirit - val in real life

Bringing Home the Baja Mañana Spirit

I recently returned from my first trip to Baja, Mexico. Intent on living my life as well as I can in the moment right now, I rode my motorcycle 1,500-miles […]

virginia city camel race - val in real life

Riding in the Virginia City Camel Races

Joe Hedrick wasn’t kidding. Camel racing isn’t for wussies. That’s what he told us in our introduction at Virginia City’s 57th International Camel and Ostrich Races. Along with my fellow […]

virginia city camel and ostrich races - val in real life

Getting to know the Virginia City International Camel and Ostrich Races

When I first visited Virginia City, Nevada two years ago, I arrived just after the conclusion of the annual Virginia City International Camel and Ostrich Races. I enjoyed exploring Virginia City […]

Appomattox Court House - Val in Real Life

Virginia’s Appomattox Court House National Historic Site

Back in April, I ventured out for my second time at the Horizons Unlimited Traveller’s meeting in Appomattox,Virginia. Before I left, I extolled the virtues of extended travel and how it […]

val in real life

For the love of extended travel…

For some, extended travel seems wearisome. Spending weeks (or months, or years) on the road, not seeing your home, managing your life from a distance, finding laundromats, having to find […]

Horizons Unlimited - Val in Real Life

Embracing Community with Horizons Unlimited

When I attended my first Horizons Unlimited Travellers meeting in April of last year, I didn’t know what to expect. It ended up being a delightful feast of adventurous souls, […]

Overland Expo East 2015 - Val in Real Life

Overland Expo East 2015

Even for adventure travelers, the conditions were somewhat daunting for this year’s Overland Expo East event in North Carolina. The rain and winds were the courtesy of Hurricane Joaquin. At […]

Adventure Travel - Val in Real Life

What is Adventure Travel?

I’ve been in full-tilt travel mode the last few weeks between three different events. And guess what? Much of that time has been spent riding in the rain, sleeping in […]

Bandelier National Monument - Val in Real Life

New Mexico’s Bandelier National Monument

When it comes to our National Park system, national monuments tend to be sorely overlooked compared to the marquis parks that visitors flock to in their travels. Bandelier is not […]

Meteor Crater in Arizona - Val in Real LIfe

Roadschooling at Arizona’s Meteor Crater

As you know, we here at Val in Real Life like to learn when we’re traveling. Fred and George don’t travel with me as often these days but when they […]


Full Throttle at Tellus Science Museum

Last Saturday, Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia unveiled it’s new Full Throttle exhibit. So I rode my groovy Moto Guzzi there to meet some fellow riders and check it […]


Western Adventure Road Trip Wrap-Up

I recently wrapped up another western adventure. This road trip chimed in at 31 days, 5,890 miles, and spanned 11 states, making it one of my smaller undertakings. I spent […]

ovelranad expo 2015 - val in real life

Overland Expo West 2015

I’ve been debating what to write about Overland Expo this year… about writing anything at all, actually. Because it was such an unusual and trying endeavor this time, I’ve spent […]


Embracing My Wheelhouse…

I’ve gotten in the habit of naming my longer trips. It’s a label that makes for easy reference. Over the last few years we’ve taken on George’s Birthday Adventure, Geowoodstock […]


Florida’s Fort Clinch State Park

As some of you know, I’m originally from the Sunshine State. Which means I have lots of extended family strewn about the peninsula. So this year I met my parents […]


Virginia City, Nevada: Room and Board

Obviously when I visited Virginia City last month, I didn’t just wander around visiting museums. I did have to eat and sleep. And, as I mentioned, it is a small […]

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