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My Forty-Fifth Birthday: Celebrating with Adventure

I’ve published a birthday post every year since 2011. It’s a reflection of my outgoing year as I consider the new year ahead. In that first birthday post, I confessed […]


Postcards from Real Life: Back in the Saddle

So the last couple of weeks I’ve talked about adventures completed and adventures to come. I’m guessing you probably won’t realize how these two intersect… and it’s not in a […]


The Liebster Award…

So my Hell Hike and Raft crew buddy, Adam, at Hiking the Trail tagged me in this Liebster Award thing. Apparently it’s been around for nearly a decade and the […]


A Decade of George

Dearest Camp Granola friends, our “little” George turns ten today. And while the decade marks seem to be intriguing to all of us, for George ten is an especially magical […]


Postcards from Real Life: Planning

So I’ve done a post-mortem of last year’s big adventure but I’m way behind in putting together a plan for Camp Granola’s upcoming expedition. It’s quickly approaching and while I […]


Real Life Connections: Family on Bikes

It’s one of those truisms of life that you don’t live it alone. The people you meet change you. Sometimes for worse but mostly for better. Sometimes in little ways, […]

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