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A Jillion Miles with a Thule Roof Box

For quite a few years my trusty Subaru Forester has served as the main adventure-mobile for my explorations with Fred and George. She’s been in semi-retirement as life has moved […]

love note to the peach state

Love Note to the Peach State

Oh Peach State, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways—mountains, swamps, beaches, rivers, pinelands, farms, waterfalls, museums, gardens, rich history, beautiful people. The list goes on and […]

Val in Real Life

Parenting Teens

This week when I shared the nuts-and-bolts of visiting Bandelier National Monument, I had to think back to why I enjoyed camping there so much. Certainly it’s a very agreeable […]

Bandelier National Monument - Val in Real Life

New Mexico’s Bandelier National Monument

When it comes to our National Park system, national monuments tend to be sorely overlooked compared to the marquis parks that visitors flock to in their travels. Bandelier is not […]

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

Nevada’s Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

Tucked off of the very busy Highway 93, 80 miles north of Las Vegas, you’ll find Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. This Nevada oasis seems horribly overlooked by the cars and […]

cathedral gorge state park - val in real life

Camping at Cathedral Gorge State Park

Now that I’ve given you a peek at exploring Cathedral Gorge State Park, it’s time for a look the camping facilities. After the bare-bones, but not quite primitive, offerings of […]


Great Basin National Park

My western adventure was a fairly loose mess; largely unplanned and willy-nilly. After my exit from the surprisingly wintry experience at Overland Expo, I ventured into the Silver State and […]


2014: Real Adventure. Real Life.

Seems it’s that time again… to review one year before beginning another. With the 2015 calendar staring at us and inspiring introspection, I marvel at what 2014 held for me […]

oregon sunset

Postcards from Real Life: Setbacks and Denial

So you know how I was feeling triumphant for having returned from The Pacific Northwest Tour sans major travel catastrophes for once. Other than feeling a little worse for wear, […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour: Adventures in Cooking

So you know from my Fishpeople Seafood review that I’m quite the reluctant cook. The process just doesn’t excite me so I tend to muddle my way through for lack […]


Rethinking Adventure Food with Fishpeople Seafood

A few weeks before I set out out on the Pacific Northwest Tour, I got a treat. The folks at Fishpeople Seafood contacted me to see if I’d be interested […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour: Redux

So it’s been a full week since I’ve returned to “normal” life back at Camp Granola HQ after the Pacific Northwest Tour. My glamorous post-trip activities have involved the likes […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: Maryland, West Virginia, & Washington D.C.

By the time we exited Philadelphia, we’d been on the road for 37 days in the Overland Expo to TBEX expedition. As we slowly moved southward back towards home we […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: Rhode Island Adventures

Somehow on our Overland Expo to TBEX expedition, we managed to fritter away six days in Massachusetts, some of them actually successful. It was time to move on, though. Originally […]


Postcards from Real Life: Campfire

Last weekend we trekked off for a little local adventure here in Georgia. Part of the purpose of this trip was to make progress in completing the Georgia State Parks […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: 24 hours in Boston – Part 2

So you’ve got 24 hours in Boston. The first night was spent indulging your little nerds at Car Talk Plaza and the Museum of Science. With one morning left to […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: The rain in Maine… again.

So we were driving back through Maine. Again. Through torrential downpours. Again. It was a slow drive, but fortunately I’d left myself plenty of time to get from Fundy National […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: The Rain in Maine

When I last left you in the Overland Expo to TBEX saga, we were leaving Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire a couple nights earlier than expected. The combination […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: The Long Way to New Hampshire

After our brief stop in Seneca Falls, the Camp Granola crew had some decisions to make about how to tackle the remainder of our Overland Expo to TBEX expedition. We […]


Discovering Death Valley

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending some time in Death Valley National Park. Unlike a typical lengthy road trip with Fred and George, this was a […]

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