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A Motorcyclist Wonders… Can You See Me Now?

It’s no secret that, in spite ofa lot of effort by motorcyclists to remain visible while riding, the all-too-common scenario of “I didn’t see you!” is still the predominantreason riders […]


Hell Hike and Raft: Hydration

The Hell Hike and Raft had a lot of great sponsors. Figuring out how to share it all with you has been a bit daunting. But since I’ve finished the […]

vickery creek

Personal Safety on the Trail

So friends… let’s keep it real. You know that’s how I roll here. There are countless dangers in life. There’s no escaping the hazards of existing in this world. The […]


Gear Review: Cairn Gear boxes

As you know, on September 1st I’m heading to Idaho. I’ll be part of the Hell Hike and Raft crew as we take on rafting and hiking in the Seven […]


Getting Outdoors with Coleman and Potable Aqua

Last week I went into great detail about my Potable Aqua water treatment tablets. This week I’d like to share a few other goodies from Potable Aqua’s partner, Coleman. This […]


Potable Aqua: Easy Solutions for Minimalist Adventures

So back in May I told you about my new adventure as Brand Ambassador for Potable Aqua. Well now I get to tell you more about their products and why […]


Rethinking Adventure Food with Fishpeople Seafood

A few weeks before I set out out on the Pacific Northwest Tour, I got a treat. The folks at Fishpeople Seafood contacted me to see if I’d be interested […]


Teaming up with Potable Aqua

I’m happy to announce that I am now a Brand Ambassador for Potable Aqua. If you’re a hiker-type, you might be familiar with them as the water purification folks. But […]


Throttle and Torque: Outdoor Research’s Trail Duds

We’ve reached the final installment in my Outdoor Research review series. I shared my thoughts on the Supercharger pants as well as the Redline jacket, both of which are now […]


Putting Outdoor Research’s Redline Jacket to the test…

So as you know, Outdoor Research sent me some goodies to try out and I had a lot to say about their Supercharger pants last time around. Of the four […]


Putting Outdoor Research’s Supercharger pants to the Test

Call me obsessive or call me thorough (or both if you like) but I really feel it necessary to put new gear to the test before I write up a […]


Gear Review: Cobrabraids

One of the products you’ve probably noticed around in the last couple of years are the various offerings of parachute cord that come in the form of keychains, bracelets, and […]


Big Service from Big Agnes

Ah dear readers, let me put you in the way back machine… ok, only back to April but it seems like really a long time ago. As you’ll recall, our […]


Gear Review: Petzl Tikka xp2 Headlamp

Ok, so this may not be much of a review. It’s more of a love-fest with my new headlamp. Some ladies like jewelry but if you want to make a […]


Granola Review: iPhone Otterbox

This was not a product I actually intended to review when I bought it but after putting it through its paces the last few months I thought my iPhone OtterBox […]


Gettin’ Joggy with it: GeoPalz Pedometer

Sorry, couldn’t resist a really bad pun. But, in truth, George has been getting joggy/jiggy with his new GeoPalz pedometer. Seriously, the kid has been walking, wiggling, skipping, and jumping […]


Pillow Talk

Sleeping in a tent doesn’t mean you must be uncomfortable as the uninitiated might think. In fact, getting a good night’s sleep is not only perfectly achievable, it’s crucial to […]


Home Sweet Home: The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

At long last, I’ve jotted down my thoughts on our new tent. Parting is such sweet sorrow… We here at Camp Granola have had many a wonderful outdoor adventure with […]


Let the camping begin…

Ah Spring! Like the birds, flowers, and trees, we humans reemerge from winter, ready to get out and play. Campgrounds fill up with a wide array of campers, from minimalists […]

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