motorcycle safety - val in real life

A Motorcyclist Wonders… Can You See Me Now?

It’s no secret that, in spite ofa lot of effort by motorcyclists to remain visible while riding, the all-too-common scenario of “I didn’t see you!” is still the predominantreason riders […]

GeigerRig 710 - Val in Real Life

Hi-Viz Hydration with GeigerRig

For the last 3,000+ miles on Nina, I’ve been testing out the GeigerRig RIG 710 hydration engine. Here’s the scoop… What’s a GeigerRig? Hydration packs are largely the domain of […]


Moto Gear: Crash Tested

My original intent with this gear review was to highlight what I chose, why, and how these pieces have performed for me. I still get to do that, but in […]

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