Moto Metaphor - Val in Real Life

Motorcycling: A Metaphor for Life

Throttle therapy is an amazing thing. Lately when I’ve been out on the bike to clear my head, I’ve been musing on how much motorcycling is a metaphor for life. […]


Living By Example

This month the good folks at Bon Bon Break kicked off their Fill Your Bucket series with some thoughts from me about living by example. In the aftermath of my […]


Postcards from Real Life: Forty-three

Today marks another year under my belt. Like any year, forty-two presented it’s triumphs and challenges. I’m thrilled with the adventures I was able to have both solo and with […]


Postcards from Real Life: Good Stuff

Well this week is all about thankfulness here in America. We’re celebrating the good stuff of life. That’s why I’m highlighting this month’s header photo of sunset at Great Sand […]


Postcards from Real Life: Stitching

Well dear readers, you know I like to keep it real here and the reality is that I’m more than a bit depleted. The process of rectifying The Series of […]

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