motorcycling california and oregon

Motorcycling Through Northern California and Southern Oregon

“Shit!… are you kidding me?!? I don’t know about this. Shit-shit-shit-shit-shit!” (Or possibly stronger oaths.) Those are the words I gasped in my headsetto my riding partner as the pavement […]


Hell Hike and Raft: The Snake River

In the last Hell Hike and Raft episode I mentioned that after the brutal third day of hiking, the waters of the Snake River were more than comforting, they were […]


Hell Hike and Raft: Hydration

The Hell Hike and Raft had a lot of great sponsors. Figuring out how to share it all with you has been a bit daunting. But since I’ve finished the […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 5

So I’m now at five weeks on the road in the Pacific Northwest tour and Fred and George have been with me for the last 18 days. Our travel has […]


Postcards from Real Life: Milestones

I had an entirely different postcard written for today but I’m scrapping that in favor of getting a little bit sentimental because today marks a pretty big milestone for Camp […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 4

Today marks the end of the four weeks on the road in the Pacific Northwest tour and we’ve had some amazing fun between Salt Lake City and Portland. What I’ve […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour: On the Road Again

So now that I’ve finally finished chronicling the Overland Expo to TBEX trip… it’s time to set out on another journey. On Tuesday, May 13th, I’ll be heading out to […]


Guest Post: Lost in the Dark at Crater Lake

Dear readers, help me welcome a special guest blogger to Val in Real Life. You might recognize Steve Zigler as a Friend of Camp Granola and today’s post is brought […]

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