The PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier by Potable Aqua

On the Hell Hike and Raft last year, I overhauled my hiking hydration scheme to include my Potable Aqua PURE electrolytic water purifier. As a Potable Aqua Brand Ambassador, I […]


Healing and Joy

Right now in my life, my biggest task to address everyday is healing. Of both the physical and emotional sort. Everyday is a mental tennis match between knowing I’m getting […]


Hell Hike and Raft: The Snake River

In the last Hell Hike and Raft episode I mentioned that after the brutal third day of hiking, the waters of the Snake River were more than comforting, they were […]


Celebrating Winter

Here in the Peach State, winter is a conundrum. The respite from summer’s brutal heat is welcome yet we don’t have the benefit of snow to liven up our outdoor […]


Hell Hike and Raft: Hydration

The Hell Hike and Raft had a lot of great sponsors. Figuring out how to share it all with you has been a bit daunting. But since I’ve finished the […]


2014: Real Adventure. Real Life.

Seems it’s that time again… to review one year before beginning another. With the 2015 calendar staring at us and inspiring introspection, I marvel at what 2014 held for me […]


Hell Hike and Raft: The Seven Devils – Part 3

Remember how I said that on Day 2 I began loving this journey? Well on Day 3, we finally found out what the “hell” part of the Hell Hike and […]


Hell Hike and Raft: The Seven Devils – Part 2

After a demanding but exhilarating first day of the Hell Hike and Raft, you’d think I would have slept soundly. Not so much. My first night nestled in the forest […]


Hell Hike and Raft: The Seven Devils – Part 1

Last time around, I talked about the beginning of the Hell Hike and Raft, what it took to prepare, and some of the logistics involved. Now we get to the […]


Hell Hike and Raft: The Beginning

In deciding how on earth I can share all of the facets of a truly epic adventure, I figured it comes down to starting at the beginning to set the […]


Real Life Connections: Hell Hike and Raft

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… the friendships I’ve made through social media are amazing. And it was social media that made the Hell Hike and Raft […]


Postcards from Real Life: Mojo

I just returned from another whirlwind adventure… a two-parter. I spent 6 days on the Hell Hike and Raft in Idaho followed by a trip to Virginia City in Nevada. […]

hell hike and raft

Hell Hike and Raft: It’s Go Time

Today I hop on a plane to Idaho for the Hell Hike and Raft. Follow along with the map from my SPOT Connect via SpotWalla. (I hope this works. This […]


Postcards from Real Life: Journeys

On Monday I set off for the Hell Hike and Raft. After months of anticipation and preparation, it’s finally upon us. This type of travel is actually quite different for […]

subaru gauges

The Car-Camping Guide: Road Trip Tips and Tricks

Before I left on The Pacific Northwest Tour, I shared my road trip essentials… the things I do to prepare from a safety standpoint. Now for a random selection of […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour: Sunset Crater and Wupatki

As a largely indy traveler, I always revel in finding groovy little destinations that aren’t overrun by crowds. I love iconic places as much as the next person but hoards […]

vickery creek

Personal Safety on the Trail

So friends… let’s keep it real. You know that’s how I roll here. There are countless dangers in life. There’s no escaping the hazards of existing in this world. The […]

oregon sunset

Postcards from Real Life: Setbacks and Denial

So you know how I was feeling triumphant for having returned from The Pacific Northwest Tour sans major travel catastrophes for once. Other than feeling a little worse for wear, […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour: Adventures in Cooking

So you know from my Fishpeople Seafood review that I’m quite the reluctant cook. The process just doesn’t excite me so I tend to muddle my way through for lack […]


Getting Outdoors with Coleman and Potable Aqua

Last week I went into great detail about my Potable Aqua water treatment tablets. This week I’d like to share a few other goodies from Potable Aqua’s partner, Coleman. This […]

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