Celebrating Near-Perfect on Mother’s Day

I know, I know… it’s a Hallmark holiday. But my dear Fred happened to be born on Mother’s Day┬áso I’m fond of it in my own way. And like birthdays […]

Val in Real Life

Parenting Teens

This week when I shared the nuts-and-bolts of visiting Bandelier National Monument, I had to think back to why I enjoyed camping there so much. Certainly it’s a very agreeable […]


Postcards from Real Life: Status Quo

Camp Granola’s George turned 11 yesterday and on the heels of Wednesday’s #OutFam chat about transitions, I have to marvel at this journey. I’ve often said there’s no status quo […]


Camp Kids

As you well know by now, we go camping. A lot. One of the elements of our adventures that helps things chug along is that I put my kids to […]

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